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A Few Christmas Favourites

Maguires Christmas TV

Seen by many as the one-to-watch when it comes to Christmas adverts, John Lewis’ 2011 ad, ‘The Long Wait’, is surely the best. It shows a wee boy (with a very expressive face) who is desperate for Christmas Day to arrive because he can’t wait to give his parents their present. This advert caused a wave of Christmas tearjerkers from UK retailers—but we’re not sure any of them can top the classic. We’d challenge even the most cynical viewer not to smile.

Coca-Cola’s holiday trucks first lit up our TV screens in 1995 and have done so every December since then. This is an ad which definitely appeals to the inner child in all of us, and there are now plenty of folk who don’t believe that Christmas has truly begun until they’ve heard the famous jingle, ‘Holidays Are Coming’. With so much of the holiday season being based around tradition, capitalising on nostalgia has been, unsurprisingly, a winning move from Coca-Cola.

In Scotland, it’s a different soft drink that’s likely to take the crown. In 2006 Irn-Bru added a dash of dark humour to an animated classic, rewriting ‘Walking in the Air’ to tell the story of a boy who refuses to share his can of Bru. The advert ends with the Snowman dropping the boy in a pile of snow in George Square—“he nicked my Irn-Bru and let go of my hand”, and quite right too! Perfectly tailored to a Scottish sense of humour, we can’t see this ad declining in popularity any time soon.

And lastly, an ad that’s so bad, it’s good. Ferrero Rocher’s Ambassador’s Reception ad, while not explicitly Christmassy, was made for this time of year in the 90s. With the aim of framing Ferrero as a luxury brand, the ad shows a butler passing round a tray of the chocolates as the Ambassador’s guests proclaim their delight. The ad is wonderfully over-the-top and dreadfully dubbed, with guests exclaiming “Excellente!” and, the much-quoted line, “Monsieur, with Ferrero Rocher you are really spoiling us!”. Safe to say, it’s one of our favourites.

From all at Maguires, we wish you an “Excellente” Christmas!


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