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Same old, same old: whose logo is it anyway?

Whose logo is it anyway? | Maguires

What’s the one persistent, subconscious niggle at the back of any graphic designer’s mind? — “Any great I have, someone else had it first”.

For some, that worry becomes a real problem.

The new Formula One logo has come under fire for allegedly copying a trademark used for a brand of compression tights, called Futuro. Here are the two logos, side-by-side:


F1 & Futuro logos


There are obviously similarities between the two. The curves in both logos represent the shape of the F – with the double lines suggesting tire tracks in the F1 logo and, presumably, legs bent in a sitting position in the Futuro logo. But is it a rip-off?

There have been many disputes about logo design in the past, and there will undoubtedly be more in the future.



With these disputes, a difficult question always surfaces – how can one graphic designer claim complete ownership of an idea? That is, to assert definitively that no other designer could possibly have had that same idea independently.

There are more extreme cases, for which ownership is a little easier to argue for. These unabashed brand knock-offs, for instance…



These ridiculous examples aside, what can designers do to avoid accidentally mimicking another designer’s work?

A little research does’t hurt. ‘Logo Modernism’ by Jens Muller is, for example, a good starting point – it’s an encyclopaedic source of nearly 6,000 trademarks alongside a history of logo design.

Of course, it’s impossible to mentally catalogue every trademark ever registered – the designer behind the F1 logo probably never thought to look up logos for flight socks. For that reason, market-specific research is arguably even more important. Look into your client’s competitors to ensure your logo design will stand out from the crowd and be unique within their market.

And ultimately the important thing to remember – so that the subconscious niggle doesn’t become a roadblock cutting off creative thinking altogether – is that it’s not necessarily about coming up with a completely original, shiny-new idea. It’s about what you can do to set your idea apart.

Facebook’s algorithm change and how it affects publishers

Facebook Algorithim change

Last week, Facebook announced changes to its News Feed algorithms which could have huge consequences for publishers, small businesses and influencers who rely on Facebook as one of their key social platforms.

This change is largely prompted by the damaging impact of fake news on Facebook’s reputation, as well as Facebook’s desire to (1) increase its revenue from paid advertising and (2) re-engage a user base who are interacting with content in the news feed less than they used to.

What is the change?

Facebook is now attempting to make its News Feed a place for active interaction, rather than passive observation. This is due to an increasing number of people using Facebook as a platform for browsing, instead of interacting with content. By prioritising content which generates discussions, reactions and shares—and showing this content higher up in users’ feeds—Facebook hopes to help enhance relationships between its users.

This signals a return to the family-and-friends focus which was the initial foundation of the social network. When Facebook first began to prioritise publishers, both via organic and paid advertising, it was a move which initially benefited the network, though it also fostered the environment which allowed for the rise of fake news.

What does this mean for publishers?

For publishers who rely on high-frequency posting of organic content, this change is significant. Content which doesn’t generate either discussions between Facebook users or a large number of reactions will immediately be downgraded in the News Feed.

The kind of content that will continue to rank highly will be that which generates high levels of conversation and reaction. Content which does this whilst utilising Facebook’s native tools for video (live video in particular) will also rank highly.

Publishers and local businesses who have often relied on “engagement bait” tactics, such as offering users an incentive to like or share their content, will see their posts actively demoted in the News Feed.

An important thing to note is that this update does not mean that content from pages or publishers will be removed from the News Feed; it simply means that users will see less of it.

Will this affect paid advertising?

Currently, there’s no indication from Facebook that the change will have a large impact on paid for advertising campaigns, except that it may increase competition for News Feed real estate. This could, in turn, drive up the price of advertising on Facebook—though it remains to be seen just how large of an impact, if any, this will have on paid for posts.

So, what now?

In actuality, the change merely perpetuates what industry experts have been saying for the past couple of years when it comes to social media: consistent, high-quality content is king. In 2018, less is very much more. If brands and publishers wish to engage with audiences on Facebook, they will have to increase the quality of their content rather than frequency of posts.

Video should be a priority for all pages; its rise is seemingly unstoppable and Facebook will look positively on pages using its native tools to upload and share multimedia content. But simply filming content won’t be enough; it will have to provide value. This means brands have to refine their approach to multimedia. Shaky direct mobile uploads won’t be enough. Social campaigns will require coherent strategy, strong copy, high-quality photographs and excellent video.

If publishers and small businesses reassess their content strategies to ensure that their posts are informative, engaging and relevant to their audience, then it is still possible for them to gain traction. Pages and businesses should also use the time before this change takes full effect to remind users that they can still prioritise content from their page with the “see first” option.

The direct organic reach of content shared by pages will absolutely decline as a result of this change, but if content is being liked and shared by friends and family it will still reach people in the News Feed.

A new approach

The challenge for agencies, brands and small businesses will be adapting current budgets and content strategy, as well as moving on new technological trends such as the emergence of social SEO, the recent experimentations with advertising within the Messenger app, as well as investing in further paid advertising on the platform.

It is also worth noting that this change could see huge improvements in the news feed for Facebook users themselves. If the platform is successful at re-engaging its users, this could provide new opportunities to reach engaged audiences for brands who are willing to adapt to the changes and invest appropriately in great content which is valuable to their audiences.

For more info on the change visit:

A Few Christmas Favourites

Maguires Christmas TV

Seen by many as the one-to-watch when it comes to Christmas adverts, John Lewis’ 2011 ad, ‘The Long Wait’, is surely the best. It shows a wee boy (with a very expressive face) who is desperate for Christmas Day to arrive because he can’t wait to give his parents their present. This advert caused a wave of Christmas tearjerkers from UK retailers—but we’re not sure any of them can top the classic. We’d challenge even the most cynical viewer not to smile.

Coca-Cola’s holiday trucks first lit up our TV screens in 1995 and have done so every December since then. This is an ad which definitely appeals to the inner child in all of us, and there are now plenty of folk who don’t believe that Christmas has truly begun until they’ve heard the famous jingle, ‘Holidays Are Coming’. With so much of the holiday season being based around tradition, capitalising on nostalgia has been, unsurprisingly, a winning move from Coca-Cola.

In Scotland, it’s a different soft drink that’s likely to take the crown. In 2006 Irn-Bru added a dash of dark humour to an animated classic, rewriting ‘Walking in the Air’ to tell the story of a boy who refuses to share his can of Bru. The advert ends with the Snowman dropping the boy in a pile of snow in George Square—“he nicked my Irn-Bru and let go of my hand”, and quite right too! Perfectly tailored to a Scottish sense of humour, we can’t see this ad declining in popularity any time soon.

And lastly, an ad that’s so bad, it’s good. Ferrero Rocher’s Ambassador’s Reception ad, while not explicitly Christmassy, was made for this time of year in the 90s. With the aim of framing Ferrero as a luxury brand, the ad shows a butler passing round a tray of the chocolates as the Ambassador’s guests proclaim their delight. The ad is wonderfully over-the-top and dreadfully dubbed, with guests exclaiming “Excellente!” and, the much-quoted line, “Monsieur, with Ferrero Rocher you are really spoiling us!”. Safe to say, it’s one of our favourites.

From all at Maguires, we wish you an “Excellente” Christmas!

Scottish Creative Awards – Winners!

Scottish Creative Awards 2017

Maguires are delighted to announce that we have brought home two awards from the recent 2017 Scottish Creative Awards —’Best Outdoor, Press & Print’ and ‘Best Commercial Under 20K’ for our work on Stirling: Alive with Scotland.

The event took place at the fantastic Caves venue in Edinburgh, with the best creative agencies in Scotland going head to head for the top gongs. With the quality of work so high, we are honoured to be double winners and will always be proud of our work for the Stirling Region.

5 nominations for Scottish Creative Awards

The Drum Scottish Creative Awards

Maguires are delighted to be nominated in 5 categories at this year’s Scottish Creative Awards. The annual awards ceremony, which takes place in late October, is the most prestigious event for creatives in the country and is open to any advertising, digital or design agency in Scotland.

Needless to say we’re already a wee bit excited at Maguires HQ….glads rags on, top hats and monocles at the ready…..:)


Stirling: Alive with Scotland Launch

Event launch

Wednesday 8th March saw the launch of the new brand and marketing campaign for the Stirling area, Stirling: Alive with Scotland, designed and developed by Maguires.

The campaign illustrates that Stirling is a place where you can find all that is good about Scotland, capturing its vibrancy, history, energy and the opportunities it offers.

The campaign was launched by Councillor Johanna Boyd at a prestigious event hosted by the city’s historic Tolbooth, with the brand being unveiled via a 3 minute short film showcasing the Stirling proposition:

The brand was developed and refined following an extensive 3 month consultation process, where feedback was gathered from key stakeholders and residents. This process covered both city centre and rural areas, stretching from Crianlarich and Aberfoyle, to Dunblane, Bannockburn and Callander.

Throughout the launch evening, film footage was projected onto the castle rock of Stirling Castle, the Wallace Monument and the new Stirling Digital Hub.

The launch evening was a huge success and the first stage of a long term branding and communications initiative in partnership with Stirling Council.



Welcome Stirling Council!

Stirling Alive with Scotland by Maguires

Maguires are delighted to be selected as the preferred agency to work in collaboration with Stirling Council to re-brand and re-package their communications and marketing proposition. We will look to re-shape the narrative and engage, enthuse and inspire multiple stakeholder groups and markets through a broad, joined-up, multi-channel campaign.

Welcome Stirling Council!


Welcome EPFL!

After a competitive pitch process, Maguires & Red Paint are delighted to be selected as the preferred agencies to work with the EPFL (European Professional Football Leagues) to improve their digital presence and communications.

The Association of European Professional Football Leagues (EPFL) is an association governed  founded in 2005 and based in Nyon, Switzerland.

It traces its origins back to the founding in 1997 of the EUPPFL (Association of European Union Premier Professional Football Leagues). Originally composed by 12 members, nowadays comprises 32 Member leagues and Associate Members across Europe.

We look forward to working in partnership and collaboration with this influential brand.

Welcome EPFL!

Welcome to NLBC

Maguires are delighted to announce a new working relationship with the National Land based College, an online development and training resource for the land based sector.

Initially we will be looking to launch a new website over the coming months, with many more intuitive and innovative features planned for future site iterations.

Welcome NLBC!

Campbell & Kennedy website launch

Established for 60 years, Campbell & Kennedy (C&K) provides renewable energy installations and electrical contracting services as well as installations and maintenance of digital TV, networking and fire safety equipment to organisations throughout the UK.

Maguires recently designed and launched their new fully responsive website, showcasing C&K’s expertise in a number of key sectors.

The site is built on a WordPress platform, with extensive and varied CMS functionality and a range of page layout configurations, handing full content control to the client.

Scullion LAW website launch

It’s that Friday launch feeling again as we push the button on Scullion LAW’s bright and shiny new website! Packed with new features and bespoke functionality, the colourful layout and bright imagery provide a real point of difference for the award winning legal firm and position them as forward thinkers in their sector.


New clients cupcake

Maguires are delighted to update their client roster with 2 shiny new clients.

Campbell & Kennedy have been established for 60 years and are sector leaders for renewable energy installations and electrical contracting services. Policy Services are reputable and respected independent IFAs who, along with their private division Virtue Money, offer specialist financial advice to their clients.

Welcome one and all, here’s to fruitful, creative partnerships!

Young Glasgow Talent Launch

Over the past 13 months, Maguires have been working closely to design and develop the Young Glasgow Talent brand identity and marketing suite with Iain MacRitchie, chair of YGT and MCR Pathways.

The initiative works with young people, many of whom are disadvantaged or in care, to find, grow and use their talents through mentoring in Glasgow’s secondary schools.

The projects believes that ALL young people should have the opportunity to fulfil their potential, regardless of background or circumstance.

Thursday 5th February saw the grand launch of the initiative at the City Chambers Glasgow, with a fantastic evening hosted by Iain and the YGT team. The evening culminated in the unveiling of a fantastic painting by celebrated Glasgow artist Gerard Burns.

Maguires are proud and honoured to be involved in such a worthwhile initiative and will continue to support Iain, YGT and the Young Talents through the course of their journey. 

CircoSense brand & product launch

CircoSense is a revolutionary new product designed to economise existing Secondary Return Hot Water Systems and enabling customers to reduce costs and lower carbon emissions. Maguires were commissioned to design and implement a new look and feel for the CircoSense branding across multiple media channels, with the website launching in late January 2015. Full project design visuals to follow!

Glasgow Loves Christmas – Ad of the Week!

Our friends at the Drum have very kindly made our Glasgow Loves Christmas commercial their Ad of the Week! It’s starting to feel a lot like Christmas……

Glasgow Loves Christmas Launch

Maguires are proud and delighted to be involved in the 2015 Glasgow Loves Christmas campaign, which kicks off today (Friday 6th November) when celebrated artist Adrian McMurchie unveils his illustrations in George Square.

Our core creative revolves around a 30 second TV commercial which showcases the magic of Glasgow City Centre during Christmas. The ad will run throughout the Festive period, look out for the premiere during X Factor tomorrow night!


Well Done!

Massive congrats to our Account Handler Joanne who passed the extremely challenging Go Squared Digital marketing course with flying colours! Joanne is now officially certified as a digital marketing guru, with expert knowledge in SEO, Social and Google Analytics.

With a number of digital marketing strategies currently being implemented for a range of clients, Joanne’s training will ensure our clients get tangible results from their online media channels.

Bravo Joanne 🙂

We’re Hiring!

Maguires are growing and on the hunt for a highly talented and experienced designer to work alongside our merry bunch. Check out our jobs section for more info.

All the best Danny!

It’s with a heavy heart and tears in our collective eyes that we say goodbye to Danny our web developer as a full time employee. Danny is diversifying his skill set in the City of Discovery and goes with all our best wishes. He joined Maguires in 2013 and has subsequently left the web division in rude health, having formed excellent working relationships with all our digital clients. He also formed the backbone of our studio ‘tea’ triumvirate, slurping his way through 5 or 6 large cups a day. Danny’s gregarious personality, dry sense of humour and vast knowledge of all things web will be missed.

Fear not though, our digital and web offering will not change. Maguires Online will now be based on the ability to utilise a number of highly skilled web developers to work with us on a project specific basis, with all day to day queries being handled through the [email protected] email address. This will provide us with the experience and skills required to move the agency forward, grow our web division and provide a first class service for all our clients.



Massive thanks to all who popped down to our wee shindig last night, hopefully there’s not too many sore heads this morning (well, not as many as in here anyway) and everyone had a pleasant evening in the sunshine. Have a wee cup of tea and a cupcake to shake the cob webs away 😉

Isléna – comida hermosa!

Huge thanks to Darren and all the Isléna team for providing such fantastic canapés for our soiree. Safe to say the spirit of Ibiza is alive and kicking in the Merchant City!

Welcome Lifelink!

Maguires are delighted to announce a new working relationship with the lovely people at Lifelink, a charity which offers a range of stress services for adults and young people in communities and schools across Glasgow City.

We will be working hard and in close collaboration with Lifelink to realise a new brand, suite of marketing materials and digital marketing campaign. Key to the campaign will be direct and emotive communications with various target markets but under the same creative brand umbrella.

Welcome Lifelink!


We currently have no vacancies but are always on the lookout for talented freelancers.

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